Thank you!

The rain couldn’t keep us away from a great Farmers Market! Thanks to our new friends in Kankakee for visiting with us and discussing the Schuyler Avenue streetscape. Some of the themes we heard include: make better connections between north and south Schuyler Ave; continue the festoon lighting (and add more of it!); support outdoor cafes; improve places to sit, gather, bike, and stroll; and don’t forget trees and flowers!


Get involved and start sharing ideas today…

Step 1:  Use this website! Head over to the Idea Corner to share feedback and ideas related to what you’d like to see and where along Schuyler Avenue! You can upload photos to support your feedback — i.e. “this would be a great location for a ______ because…” Share your wants, desires, and ideas with us today!

Step 2: Register today. Click the “Follow” button via this website and enter your email to receive project updates, meeting announcements and updates automatically to your inbox.

Step 3: Attend future meetings and events! Join us on Saturday, July 14th at the Kankakee Farmers Market! We will have a pop-up booth ready for your ideas. Additional dates, times and locations of future events and workshops are TBD. They will be posted on the homepage, news page and announced via the email “Follow” feature. See Step 2 above!

Step 4: Spread the good word. Tell your friends, neighbors and community partners about this plan — encourage them to get involved, register, and share ideas. When residents come together to plan, the results are stronger, pertinent and more rewarding for all involved. Word-of-mouth marketing is so meaningful and direct. Please help us in our efforts to further outreach and feedback about the Schuyler Avenue Streetscape Plan!